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A good friend of mine, John C. says

"as he always says, every amount, no matter how small or huge is important for cancer research. What an attitude!"

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Journey by Kevin Cox

For more than 38 years, Gary Jones rolled on 18 or 22 wheels to deliver steel throughout Atlantic Canada. On May 15th he will be rolling across Canada on two wheels determined to deliver funding for research into thyroid cancer.

Gary was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a decade ago and was able to successfully complete treatments. Thyroid Cancer is not as well known as Breast and Prostate Cancer, but got a lot of attention in the Canadian Cancer Society’s 2008 cancer statistics report as the most rapidly increasing cancer in Canada. The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that there would be 4,300 new cases in 2008 reported in Canada.

Gary’s journey seeking better treatments, therapy, and possibly a cure for thyroid cancer began in the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. Soon, he will be heading for Victoria, BC to start a 6,000 plus kilometre bicycle journey to his home in Halifax, NS. “This is all about hope, faith and attitude” Gary said.

He is confident that his years of barring steel, cycling and running will give him the physical toughness he needs for the challenge. Mentally he has been preparing for his long days on the road for more than a year as he sought sponsors to support the campaign for thyroid awareness and research.

To date his solo effort has raised $4,739.64 and his target is $20,000. But Gary does not believe in limiting anything in life.

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