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Monday, July 12, 2010

ODE TO GARY JONES BY Donna & John Connely

Morning dawns...a day looks beautiful..bright
Gary Jones bikes into Point Pleasant Park
An incredible wonderful sight!!!

Gary we are sorry
Not to be here on this occasion
To welcome you home
On your trip across the nation

In fact you're the only friend we know
Of whom we all can boast
You have driven your bike
From the West to the East coast

Was there an agreement
What route to take...your destination????
Cuz it would have been quicker
If you went by a railway station

Some said "He has a fear of flying"
And some may think he might
why would he do something like that????
Instead he thought he'd bike.

Heading down that way
On the move towards East, take care
Cups of tea and hospitality
A quick change of underwear

We are sorry we are not here in person
On this auspicious occasion
To welcome you home
But we're on vacation

But don't think for one moment
You are not in our thoughts
We thought of you often...
Perhaps even lots!!!!

We heard that directions
We're yours along the way
Sometimes you would wing it
To see how thing could play

And we also heard in Bathurst
You had a surprise do
With family and friends
There welcoming you!!!!!!

From Victoria in May
To Halifax in June
An unbelievable accomplishment
We're over the moon!!!!

Anything is possible
If you think it's worthwhile
And Gary you've gone the distance
That one extra mile!!!

Your road goes its own way
No matter what you take
You have God in your heart
In the joy that you make

Trucks planes and birds
All passed by you with glee
A lonely biker on the road
You were there for all to see

Just to let you know
There were some questions
Some of them were rude
And some were suggestions

But they wanted to know why
Although they thought it lewd
They missed you in the park
You weren't biking nude!!!!

I'm, sure that perhaps
You had a good reason
With Maritime weather
You're part would be freezing

An exciting adventure
It's sure that you had
We give a toast to you
You make us so...glad

All our best wishes...from all that you see! We love you so much.
Donna and John Connely

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