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A good friend of mine, John C. says

"as he always says, every amount, no matter how small or huge is important for cancer research. What an attitude!"

JONES' JOURNEY LAUNCH to be held on Friday, JUNE 5, 2015, 12 to 2 p.m. at Grand Parade Square - See you there!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

THANKS to everyone - $22,134 to date

Starting to feel more comfortable.  Would like to thank everyone for the strength, support and love received on my journey.

In particular, I want to mention the celebration in Pictou County; I gave a necktie pin to my sister inlaw who presenter her neighbour with the pin whose father passed away with prostate cancer.  Thank you Norman and Susan.

Had a good crossing PEI.  Welcomed in Borden by Fred and Marjorie.  Enjoyed conversation and beautiful supper.  Sent off with a big breakfast.

Had a good day to Rexton.  Thanks to Helene enjoyed great meal, converation and had a good sleep.

My good friends in Robinsonville who I wined and dined with and enjoyed the great stories from the old days.  Sent off early in the morning with a hearty breakfast from the local restaurant.  Sent off with love and god speed and before I knew it, was picked up by John Connely in Edmundston, NB.

Enjoyed evening with John, Donna, the Connely family and Donna's brother and his wife.  Early morning start and repairs at bike shop and headed off to Riviere du loop, Quebec.

The most important things are hard to say - Riviere du loop was my last stop on this particular journey 2,147 kilometers.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Most Important Things are Hard to Say

I struggled from the beginning and I am not sure which is worse; the mental or physical.  The not so good news is the disappointment of not completing my goal, however, the good news is I biked 2,147 kilometers and up to date "we" raised over $21,000.
I have an internal hemorrhoid.  Obviously I did not rest enough before continuing the journey and again the blood vessel grew and made it uncomfortable not only to walk, but to bike.  Will check in with the doctor this coming week.  What I have done, I am proud of, however, I will not continue.
The battle never ends - when one journey ends another begins!

Monday, June 29, 2015

In Bathurst, NB

Today it was pouring down raining, but made it to Bathurst, NB.  A cyclist joined me at the exit to Bathurst and we cycled to the church and had a meet and greet.  Had a beautiful meal at Helen's place.  The company was amazing!  All set tomorrow to head off to Robinsonville, NB tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yes, bumps and obstacles are a yield sign (a warning)
It's the part where we are going up a hill and struggling.

It slows us down!
As we regroup and start down the hill,
we start to feel better and continue the journey.
The Obstacle: A hemorrhoid as big as my index finger
(an inflamed blood vessel caused by straining, battling the North East winds in Newfoundland).
The journey will continue when I heal with permission from the physician.
The fight never ends; neither does the journey.

Friday, June 26: I get a drive to New Glasgow
Saturday, June 27: I resume cycling to PEI
Follow my blog; watch me bike, not jog 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Journey Update

Dad had quite a few challenges when he was in Newfoundland fighting wind and it rained the six days he was there.  On Friday evening, Dad stayed with his brother, Norm, in New Glasgow.  Mom, April and I decided a girls road trip was in need and went to visit dad in New Glasgow.  Dad advised that something did not feel right, but decided to continue journey hoping he would feel better.  After we left to head home, we received a phone call from dad asking us to turn around and come pick him up.  He was coming home.  He went straight to emergency and spent the night waiting to see a physician.  He has a hemorrhoid as big as his index finger with a few smaller ones.  Dad is going to continue his journey once he heals, but unfortunately, we do not know how long that will take.  If you don't know what a hemorrhoid is, it is a broken blood vessel from straining.  The winds were so strong in Newfoundland to cause this.  Dad will continue his journey and we will keep you posted as to his recovery.  Thank you to everyone who has offered accommodations.  We will stay in touch with you all!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dad made it to the ferry last night.  He started his day in Nova Scotia with the sun shining.  He is on his way to Whycocomaugh to stay with a friend.  Tomorrow he is off to Antigonish and on Friday off to New Glasgow to stay with his brother.
Newfoundland was a challenge.  The wind was huge and it rained every day.  Yesterday the wind knocked dad and his bike around.  He clipped out of his peddles and landed on his feet - yeah!!  Dad left Newfoundland injury free!

Monday, June 15, 2015

I am sure everyone is wondering how dad is doing.  The weather has been terrible since he started his journey.  It has been raining and cold.  On the up side he had someone stop him on the side of the road who is a cancer survivor and asked him to spend the night with him in Bishop Falls to chat.  Dad did so he did not make his destination to South Brooks Saturday evening.  He made it South Brooks yesterday and tonight he is in Corner Brook.
Today was good once the rain stopped and he felt good and was making good time, however as he went into Deer Lake he got a flat tire and thought he would be spending the night in Deer Lake.  This couple, Dick and Heather Cooper, saw him and offered him a ride to Corner Brook where he met up with his host.  Tomorrow morning dad is off to the bike store as he thinks there is a problem with his rim and then heading to the ferry.  Hopefully tomorrow night he will be off the Rock.

This means his schedule is currently off by a day, but dad is hoping to make up some time in Nova Scotia.  Will keep you posted!