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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has offered accommodations, but we are still in need of a few.

Listed is the trip schedule. Should anyone wish to accommodate me (Gary Jones) for a night, (one meal, one shower, and eight (8) hours of sleep), please contact my daughter Christina at THANK YOU!

Day 24 - June 7th Thunder Bay to Nipigon (accommodation arranged)
Day 25 - June 8th Nipigon to Marathon (accommodation arranged)
Day 26 - June 9th Marathon to Wawa (accommodation arranged)

Day 27 - June 10th Wawa to Montreal River (looking for host)

Day 28 - June 11th Montreal River to Sault Ste Marie (accommodation arranged)
Day 29 - June 12th Sault Ste Marie to Blind River (accommodation arranged)
Day 30 - June 13th Blind River to Sudbury (accommodation arranged)
Day 31 - June 14th Sudbury to North Bay (accommodation arranged)
Day 32 - June 15th North Bay to Petawawa (accommodation arranged)
Day 33 - June 16th Petawawa to Ottawa (accommodation arranged)
Day 34 - June 17th Ottawa to Montreal, PQ (accommodation arranged)
Day 35 - June 18th Montreal to Trois Rivieres (accommodation arranged)
Day 36 - June 19th Trois Rivieres to Quebec (accommodation arranged)
Day 37 - June 20th Quebec City to Saint Pascal (accommodation arranged)
Day 38 - June 21st Saint Pascal to Edmunston, NB (accommodation arranged)
Day 39 - June 22nd Edmuston, to Kedgwick (accommodation arranged)
Day 40 - June 23rd Kedgwick to Campbellton (accommodation arranged)
Day 41 - June 24th Campbellton to Bathurst (accommodation arranged)
Day 42 - June 25th Bathurst to Richibucto (accommodation arranged)
Day 43 - June 26th Richibucto to Borden, PE (accommodation arranged)
Day 44 - June 27th Borden to Wood Island Pictou, NS (accommodation arranged)
Day 45 - June 28th Pictou to Truro (accommodation arranged)

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