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A good friend of mine, John C. says

"as he always says, every amount, no matter how small or huge is important for cancer research. What an attitude!"

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dad left Thunder Bay yesterday morning in the sunshine.  He stopped at the Terry Fox monument.  I can only imagine how inspiring this monument would be to anyone crossing this country on their own power.  Someone kindly took a picture of dad at the monument.  THANK YOU TO his host in Nipigon who sent the photos.

A BIG THANK YOU to his Thunder Bay hosts.  They were up very early yesterday morning to see dad off and made him a big breakfast at 5 am.

After discussions with his hosts in Nipigon and Marathon, dad has decided not to cycle to Marathon today as the hills are big and the area is isolated.  Dad is going as far as Terrace Bay (104 km) and spending the night.  After Terrace Bay there is nothing until Marathon which is approximately another 100 km.  Destination for Wednesday is Marathon.


  1. Blessings Gary,
    What a picture to see you beaming with joy at the Terry Fox Monument!!!! It truly must have been a special moment for you to reflect on your journey.And look at that TOTAL!!! Over $20,000.00 now and climbing after reaching your half way point. We can only hope that it will be double by the time you reach home. Stay focused and may Terry now guide you over the ground that he was able to cover on his journey towards ending cancer.We continue to pray for you and your journey as you climb the hills today know that we are with you!!!
    Blessings, Ted and Kim Sherring

  2. Hi Gary,

    We are also keeping you in our prayers! What an amazing journey you have had so far! We are so excited to see that the thermometer is over the top!! Keep on "trucking" and we are cheering you on as we check your blog everyday and hope your day was filled with the reward of "down hills"!
    Gordon and Wendy Frank

  3. Hi Gary, You are doing great and our prayers are with you each day as you continue to get a little closer to home. Keep your chin up and we know your spirits are high !! Looking forward to seeing you on the end of your journey.
    Leslie and Dave

  4. Gary, your strength in muscle and mind is amazing.
    Mark and Lesley Morin

  5. Eastbound and down loaded up and biking, you're goin to do what they say can't be done. You've got a long way to go and a short time to get there, you're eastbound just watch that trucker go !!!!!

    Keep on bikin !!

    Paul and Helen

  6. Gary, we have to smile with you every time we see your smiling face on the blog. You're making great progress and congratulations on topping the 20k$ target. Kudos to Christina for the excellent blog site.
    Godspeed and we'll see you in Halifax.
    Art and Lola-May

  7. Gary, you are amazing. We keep track of you everyday. You are in our Prayers.
    See you in Halifax.
    Mel, Rusty and Girls. Amanda, Anne, Harriet, Sereena and Ruby.

  8. Gary,everytime i read your blog you make me cry.You have a big heart and may God bless you more and your family.A lot of people is been asking me at the YMCA so I've been updating them or giving them your blog to check it out.We love you and i know God is with you.So, we'll see you when you get back....amy