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Monday, June 7, 2010


Yesterday the sun was shining.  Dad arrived in Thunder Bay early afternoon and went straight to a bike shop to have his bike looked after.  A BIG THANK YOU to Fresh Air Experience who took the time and fit him in and fixed up his bike.

When speaking with dad last night, he asked that a few things be passed along.

THANK YOU to Howard, Debbie, and brother David from the English Shore Resort.  They were so gracious and kind and it was like we knew each other forever!

When dad was cycling in Saskatchewan, a half ton truck flagged dad down.  He wanted to show him an antelope with its twins.  He handed dad a pair of binoculars to have a look.  He advised dad that this is something that is very rare to see.  The driver of the truck advised that his wife is from Bathurst, NB.

Dad spotted a doe walking with her fawn.  They were crossing the road and the fawn was still quite wobbly on its legs.  Dad stopped two cars to allow the doe and fawn to get across the street safely.

Yesterday, dad spotted a black bear.  The bear was walking the track, but by the time dad stopped to get his camera, the bear was gone.  Dad said he watched him for a couple of minutes and the bear was just sauntering along.

Dad met up with a group of people rollerblading across Canada for cancer.  Their slogan "Don't Stop Believing."

During dad's journey several people have stopped and said "I know you don't want a lift, but I have to ask - Do you want a lift?"  and dad's reply "Thank you, but no thank you."

Dad's destination today is Nipigon.  Today will mark dad's half way point across Canada.  I believe it is just after Thunder Bay.  The weather looks good, and he was told that the hills are not too bad today, but come tomorrow the hills are big.  Today's ride is approximately 70 miles (112 km).


  1. Gary, Dave and I have been thinking of you every step of the way and following your progress. Keep your chin up and see you when you get home!!

  2. Hi Gary Keep up the good work and stay safe.See you in Miramichi.Watching your progress.Amazing!!
    John Burke

    and your trucker friends Miramichi,N.B.

  3. Hi Gary: Thank you for sharing at the Terry Fox Lookout in Thunder Bay on Monday morning. I wish you a safe and enjoyable ride. I hope the pictures I took for you turned out.
    "Happy Trails"